Nico Marcel

working with sound

Hello to you! I have set up this website to showcase the projects I worked on as a recording/mixing/mastering audio engineer. Throughout the 2000′s, living in Brighton, UK,  I got to work at perfecting my skills with both analogue and digital equipment and I have many friends to thank for inspiring me and enabling me to work on diverse projects. You will find most of them and details on the work I did for them on this website.

I can provide assistance to your musical projects mostly with mixing and mastering (although I would consider recording projects). I can help with providing mixes that are both professional and personal sounding. I work on a digital workstation but also like using external vintage effects when relevant, such as analogue echos, a Lexicon pcm80 and a Digitech tsr12. I am used to working with lo-fi and live recordings as well as professional studio recordings. Also, I can master for CD and vinyl releases, and even cassette tape! Feel free to contact me for more details, advice and assessments: nicfromhove[@] (remove brackets to e-mail, just trying to avoid spam)